Monty has been adopted! Thank you Sosa family!

yodaWelcome Yoda!

Little Yoda is under a year old and just the sweetest guy! He has ears for days and wrinkled skin from having flea allergies and Demodex mange. The fleas are all gone and he's started mange treatment, so he's on his way to healthy! He's a little reserved at first and may take some time to open up to his new surroundings. He does very well in a crate and gets along with other dogs. Once this little one is healthy and happy, he will be a gem! He will be on medical hold until his Demodex is gone. (Yoda has been adopted! Thank you Vanlandingham family!!)

UPatrickWelcome Uncle Patrick!

This poor, little old man was humorously named by the girls at the vet, but there was nothing humorous about his neglected condition. He is said to be 10, although his teeth tell a younger story. He had a multitude of issues to overcome, including a case of heartworms, 2 painful eye ulcers, he's completely blind, infected ears, a foreign body between his toes, internal parasites, and was extremely emaciated. He's such a trooper though, because he is in very good spirits and has a cute personality like no other. He will be on medical hold until he is as healthy as we can get him. (What a wonderful start to what we hope is a wonderful year! Uncle Patrick/Peyton has been adopted! Donna is a 3x adopter and we couldn’t be more pleased with the home that he has found. Thank you once again Donna!)