GadgetWelcome Gadget!

Gadget is about 2 years old and comes to us from a shelter. He gets along with other dogs and does well in a crate. He LOVES to play with his toys. He fetches and sits on command. He's a bigger guy and is a very good boy. He has had a broken rear leg at some point that wasn't repaired. It has been X-rayed and is completely healed, but because it wasn't properly set, it's just a tad shorter than the other leg. It doesn't seem to bother him. He is such a cool dude and has such a great personality! Gadget's adoption fee is $350. (Gadget has been adopted! Thank you Zachary, Holly and Emma!)

Joy1Meet Joy!
This precious, 6 year old girl we are calling Joy, because she has a lot of joy coming to her that she so desperately deserves! She's been used as a puppy mill momma with little to no vet care. She went to the vet first thing and she was in pretty sad shape. She has keratoconjunctivitis (KCS) and glaucoma, but her eyes are easily being managed with eye meds. She's learning how to play and be a pet. She's super sweet and loving. Because she doesn't see well, it would be best if she were in a quieter household. Joy's adoption fee is $150.  Apply today!

BojanglesMeet Mr. Bojangles! Affectionately dubbed Bo, Bo hasn't had the best of life as far as we could tell. He was found turning circles on someone's property. The kind lady took him and found a rescue to take him. Unfortunately, Bo had more medical issues than the rescue could  could handle, so we decided to see if we could help him. He has a slight head tilt, as well as, nearly blind from  juvenile cataracts. He was also loaded with worms, fleas and extremely thin.  Hopefully, he's a candidate for cataract surgery. Despite all of that, he's outgoing and loves people. He gets along with other dogs and loves to explore his surroundings. Stay tuned for updates on Bo as he starts his journey to getting healthy! (Mr. Bojangles has officially been adopted by his foster! And look how clear his eyes are after cataract surgery! Thank you Alia!)