jessejamesWelcome Jesse and James!

These two little boys are about a year old and just the cutest! Sadly, they've been in rescue for three months now and even though they have reached the approximate one year mark, they are very much still puppies! We believe them to be brothers. The boys are very active and love to run and play. James tends to be the more outgoing of the two, but where James goes, Jesse is quick to follow! They get along with other dogs and are working on crate training. These two love each other and we do believe that they are bonded and thus must be adopted together. They are very good boys! They are the sweetest little guys and have their whole lives ahead of them! If you're interested in giving these two sweet boys a forever home, please complete the adoption application. (Jesse and James has been adopted! Thank you Gregory, Caroly and family!)

PippaAMeet Pippa!

Poor Pippa is only two and a half years old she has tested positive for heartworms. This unique honey colored girl is a beauty and you can practically see straight to her soul through her warm eyes. She is an absolute doll and loves people, but is a little shy at first. Once she gets to know you, Pippa is always happy to greet you. She does well in a crate, but will need some work on house training. Pippa is OK with other dogs, but does prefer her own space and will warn them if they get too close to her, but she has not been aggressive with them. We believe this may also be in part due to not feeling well from the heartworms. Pippa would love nothing more than someone to live it up with as a couch potato…but someone that will also make sure she gets adequate exercise too so that she doesn’t lose her girlish figure that has just the right amount of curves currently! Pippa has completed her treatment for heartworms. Apply Today! (Pippa has been adopted! Thank you Garrett family!)

SpencerbuggWelcome Spencer Bugg!

Check out this adorable Boston/Pug, yet another of the best of both worlds! He’s as cute as a “bugg” in a rug. Spencer Bugg is eight months old and very much a feisty puppy. Spencer loves to run and play. He will play until he wears himself out and then he wants to lay right at your feet or right beside you. Spencer is doing well on crate training and after fussing a little, he settles down like a good boy. We can’t say for sure that he gets along with all dogs as he has had an issue with another rescue dog, but he has also been fine and played with other dogs as well. Because of this, if there are other dogs in the home, it is imperative that they come to the meet and greet prior to Spencer going home. If you’re looking for a playful, little love Bugg, Spencer is the boy for you! Spencer Bugg’s adoption fee is $375. Apply Today!