FionaWelcome Fiona!

This little doll of a girl comes to us after being found as a stray in the country. How she came to be in the condition that she is in is anyone's guess. She's well mannered and has been loved at some point, but she's got the worst case of Demodex that we have ever had. She's completely bald, crusty and has sores all over her. A vet visit revealed a very nasty case of Demodex, secondary skin infections and both eyes and ears were infected. Fiona is 1 1/2 years old and a playful, happy little thing. She loves playing with other dogs and does very in a crate. She is on the mend now and feeling so much better. (Fiona has been adopted! Thank you Hartley family!)

RojoWelcome Rojo!

Rojo cutie is 2 years old and a bundle of energy. He loves to go, go, go! He's searching for an active family who will take him out on a lot of outings to get plenty of exercise. He loves to chase the water coming out of the hose, play and he is quite the character! He does okay in a crate and gets along with other dogs, but he would do best with a more submissive buddy. He's a smaller guy at about 15lbs. He is said to do okay with kids, although we have not personally tested him with them. If you're looking for a best friend to go jogging with, Rojo is your guy! Rojo's adoption fee is $350. This adorable guy is waiting on you to apply to be his family! Apply Today!

Meet Wally!

This cutie patootie is only 8 months old and he's a little love Pug! Wally was busted out of the pound where he was due to be euthanized after being dropped off for biting his former owner's children. We have not seen any aggression in this little guy, not even food aggression as it was specified feeding time was when he got snippy. Wally is however, a puppy presumably without any training as he does nip, but only in play. Speaking of play, this boy LOVES to play! He goes and goes, especially when chasing his tail! Eventually he wears himself out and wants to be right by your side cuddling. He is not crate or house trained, but we are working with him on it. Wally gets along with other dogs and loves to play with them, but can sometimes be a bit much because of his energy. Although he was supposedly taken to the pound because of nipping at children, we have not been able to test him around children. Based on his behavior however, we believe he would do okay with older children. All children in the home will need to be present at the meet and greet should there be any in the home. Wally's adoption fee is $400. If you're interested in adopting Wally, please complete the adoption application. (Wally has been adopted! Thank you Brittany!)