CheyWelcome back Chey!

Though no fault of her own, Miss Chey is back. Her adoptive momma was going to get married and her new daddy-to-be was allergic to her. She is 5 years old and the cutest girl that you will ever meet! She was a puppy mill momma, has had a taste of the pet life and loves it! She learned to be crated, go potty outside and how it feels to be loved by a family. She went to work with her mom everyday and she even went to doggie daycare to learn how to socialize with other dogs. But even with that, she is still a very dominate girl and does not like to play with other dogs. She tolerates them to a point, but she will need to be the only fur-baby in the family. This is usually typical of puppy mill moms. She's little, cute and sassy with some cuddle thrown in for good can you go wrong?? Miss Chey's adoption fee is $150. She is so appreciative of being out of that horrible puppy mill and she would love to be your BFF!! Apply Today! (Chey has been adopted! Thank you Humburg family!)

DelilahWelcome Delilah!

This adorable, 9 year old girl does not look or act her age. She's a very sweet girl that loves to cuddle. She will raise up for you to pick her up. She gets along with other dogs and she does well in a crate. She sits for a treat, is patient and laid-back. She was a little scared when she first came, but she is settling in quickly. Her human mom got sick and could no longer care for her. Delilah'a adoption fee is $200. Don't let her age discourage you from up line, she still has a lot of good times ahead of her! Apply Today! (Delilah has been adopted! Thank you Megan, Panda and Emerson!)

Libby has been adopted! Thank you Ferrell family!