snugglesWelcome Snuggles!

Miss Snuggles is 3-4 years old. She has been a breeder her whole life. Being blue is why she was used, but it didn't matter to the breeders that they were breeding puppies with potential health issues. You see, Snuggles is deaf and this could have been passed on to many of her puppies. The last puppies that she had died. She had to have a c-section, but they didn't spay her at that time. Instead they just left her at the vet for them to do with that they wished. When she was spayed at our vet, he told us that she had had MANY c-sections and that her uterus was scarred and mangled. Snuggles got her name because she LOVES to snuggle. She is still a bit insecure and scared. She loves to lay beside you and sleep under the covers. It provides comfort and security for her. She's learning socialization, how to be a pet, how fun playing can be and what housebreaking is. She gets along with other dogs and does well in a crate. She has started to play with the other dogs, but it's in little spurts at a time. She has also just learned how to take a treat from a human. Snuggle's adoption fee is $400. If you have the patience for a special needs girl and the time for a scared breeder baby, please (Snuggles has been adopted! Thank you Kim!)

LibertyWelcome Liberty!

Liberty is only a year old and gorgeous!! She does well in a crate, gets along with other dogs and has done very well with not going potty in the house. She has been used to a doggie door. She loves to play, but is also a cuddler. She's such a sweet girl! She looks bigger in her pictures, but she is average Boston sized and being just a little "leggy". Her coloring seems to be that of a fawn without the black mask. She does have some black points though. Liberty's adoption fee is $400. She won't last long, so make sure to (Liberty has been adopted! Thank you Mearida family!)

GibbsWelcome Gibbs!

Little Gibbs is one of our sweet seniors. He comes to us from a shelter where he served his stray hold. He gets along with other dogs, done well with kids and does well in a crate. He loves his human family and loves to cuddle next to them. He's very calm, well behaved and gentle. He does have an allergy to fleas, so he will definitely need to be kept on preventative. He had quite a bit of hair loss from it, but it's grown back in and he's looking cute as ever! Gibbs' adoption fee is $150. Surely you wouldn't mind waking up next to this handsome guy everyday! Apply here! (Gibbs has been adopted! Thank you Lynn and Toni!!)