FawnWelcome Fawn!

Miss Fawn comes to us after showing up on a doorstep of a kind family who took her in. They were going to keep her until she came up with more medical issues than they could handle. The poor girl is only 4-5 years old and in terrible shape. She's been about bred to death, has heartworms, KCS (chronic dry eyes), a horribly deformed spine, and a terrible allergies to fleas. Her spine is the main issue. It's sloped and putting pressure on her spinal cord. She has likely had this since birth and it was a miracle that she has learned to walk on her own. She will probably become paralyzed at some point. Despite all of this, she's loving and playful. She doesn't play rough because of her spine. She's sweet and wants so much to please people. She gets along with other dogs and does well in a crate. She will be on medical hold until we can get her heartworms treated. The rest of her issues are not repairable and will require ongoing treatment and maintenance for her to live a happy life. (Miss Fawn has officially been adopted by her foster! We were going to take apps on her once she was off medical hold, but she needs a very specialized home that will realize the early signs of the issues that will likely arise with her delicate spine as she ages. What better place than a retired veterinarian? From the looks of it, she's already made herself at home. Way to go Fawn! They also adopted Cowboy, our Jack Russell Terrier that was paralyzed when we pulled him from a kill shelter. He's walking on his own some now after months of therapy! These people go above and beyond to foster and rehab most of our medical dogs. We want to take this time to thank them both for their care, compassion and time! Thank you Mickey and Dr. Delana McNac!)

Fifi has been adopted! Thank you Marsha!

Kit has been adopted! Thank you Zoe!