RubyMeet Ruby!

Miss Ruby is about 7 years old, does well in a crate and gets along with other dogs. She is a bit of a dominant girl but has done very well with the puppy and adult male Boston in her foster home. Her foster home also has a couple of kids that she’s done well with. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s a spry girl and is active, but still loves to cuddle. You will win her heart forever if you give her a treat. She will even dance for one! Ruby’s adoption fee is $250. She would love a family to love her for the rest of her days. (Moose and Ruby have been adopted together! Thank you Brown Family!)

Half Pint has been adopted at Woofstock! Thank you Krista!

StevieWonderMeet Stevie Wonder!

Stevie Wonder came to us as an owner surrender. He and the other male dog in the household had issues with each other and it looks like Stevie caught the brunt of it. He's completely blind from damage to his eyes due to the fights. He has seen the ophthalmologist and one eye only has pieces left in it. The other one has had so many untreated ulcers that he has no vision at all in it. His ears are droopy because of previous damage as well. It is unclear if Stevie or the other dog was the instigator, but he will be properly tested with dogs once he's healed from his neuter and the raging infection clears up in his eyes. It is unclear at this time if he will have to have his eyes removed.

Despite all of this, Stevie is outgoing, friendly, cuddly and loves people. He's considered a special-needs dog, but he sure doesn't let it slow him down! He can hear impeccably well and he uses that to his advantage. Once he knows his surroundings, he's on the go! He's energetic, playful and would make a great addition to any family. It's a shame that he's completely blind at only 5 years old, but he has a great attitude and wonderful personality. He will be on medical hold for a few weeks, but we will still take applications on him. (Stevie Wonder has been adopted!! Despite being totally blind and actually having no eyes at all, someone was willing to give him a life of happiness. Thank you Rakes family!)