Meet Rocket Man!

Rocket Man is a 2 year old youngster that loves to run and play with his foster siblings. He has done well in a crate and has not had any accidents while crated. We are working on learning the doggie door and basic commands. He will need someone to continue his training. He loves to play with toys and chew on his bones. He will need another dog to play with that lives in the home. He does have a cherry eye that is purely cosmetic and our vet has advised against fixing it at this time. He is still very much a young guy, so expect to do some training on basic manners, not chewing on things, marking, etc. With all that said, he’s a lovely dog, is a good boy, and loves to cuddle. Rocket Man is 23lbs. His adoption fee is $550. Apply Today!

Welcome Sasha Rae! 

Miss Sasha Rae is a little ray of sunshine! This darling little girl is only 14 pounds (though she could stand to gain a pound or so) and is five years old. She's a retired breeder so has a few extra grays to show for each of the litters she's had. Sasha loves playing with the other doggies in her foster home and she loves pets from her foster mom. Since she's been a breeder her whole life, she's just now beginning to learn what being a pet is all about. We're working on housetraining. She does do well in the crate but does not like to be alone; she has the cutest little howl when she's in the crate and no one is in the room with her. She settles down and is quiet (and happier!) when there are other furkids in the room with her. Sasha's a tiny gem of a BT and will brighten someone special's home as she begins to come out of her shell more and more. Her adoption fee is $350. Apply Today!

Welcome Crystal!

Crystal, you could say, is named for her pretty dark blue (gray) coat. This lovable girl is about 18 pounds. She's five years old and a retired breeder with the most adorable underbite! Crystal has never been a pet before, so she's learning the ropes on that. This poor baby does have a bit of anxiety and it takes a while for her to settle down. She's experiencing a lot of new things. While she does get along with other dogs, for the most part, she does get bossy and very jealous and would probably do best as an only dog. We are working with Crystal on housetraining. She doesn't like being in the crate but she does not mess in it. Because of her anxiety, Crystal will need a special person or family to be patient with her as she adapts to this whole new world. We can assure you it will be extremely rewarding to earn her trust and watch her come out of her shell as she finds her place in her new home. Her adoption fee is $350. Apply Today!

Welcome Peaches!

Check out this cutie pie! Peaches is the most adorable little redhead you'll see. She's five years old and was just retired from breeding. Since she was a breeder, Peaches has a lot of learning ahead of her. She's learning how to be a pet and she's a sweetheart. Peaches likes to play with the other dogs in her foster home and will need a home with other dogs to show her the ropes. We're working on housetraining and crate training with her. She has the cutest smile and floppy ears! Will you be the one to put a furever smile on this sweet girl's face? Her adoption fee is $350. Apply Today!

Welcome Cinder!
Sweet Cinder is about 2 years old and just a doll! She has the prettiest golden eyes too! Cinder's story is a little unclear but after having a litter where one of the puppies was breached and she had to have a C-section, she was no longer wanted. We suspect she was destined to have more litters but no more for this sweet girl! Cinder is a lover and while she was unsure when she first came to her foster home, she has opened up and enjoys playing with the other dogs in her foster home. We're working on housetraining and while she's not a big fan of the crate, she settles down and does well not messing in it. She's about 16 pounds currently but she's very thin and we're working on getting some more meat on her bones. Cinder would love a lap to cuddle on for the holidays! Her adoption fee is $600. Apply Today!

Welcome Turk!
This sweetheart is a little velcro puppy! Turk is an average sized Boston at about 21 pounds but he's a little thin so probably would round out well at about 22-23lbs. He's about 2 years old and loves to play! We say he's a velcro puppy because he likes to keep his foster mom in his sight. He needs someone who will continue to work with him on basic training. When he settles down after playing, he sits right on his foster mom's foot! Turk loves to sleep in bed but he also does well in a crate. While we can't promise a dog is housetrained, Turk has done well doing his business outside and he doesn't mess in his crate. He would love a home with another dog to play with him. He must go to a home with another dog. His adoption fee is $550. Apply Today!


This gorgeous, blue boy is a hunka hunka burning love! He's a little chunky at 27lbs, but that just means there's more to love. Zeke is only one year old and an absolute sweetheart. He loves to play and cuddle in equal amounts. While we don't promise dogs to be housetrained, he has done well doing his business outside. Zeke does not like to be alone - he does well in a crate but he does bark in it so probably won't do well in an apartment or a home that shares walls. He was surrendered to rescue because he did not get along with the other dog in his home, so for that reason, we would say he should be in a home without other dogs. He also get very excited when playing sometimes so we are not recommending him with children. Zeke would love a home to call his own for the holidays, could it be yours? His adoption fee is $650. Apply Today!

Welcome Willie Nelson!

Willie is a two-year-old handsome fella who is looking for someone strong but patient to love. Willie has a few issues with just seeing the world as not such a scary place. We feel he may have lacked socialization as a puppy, so now that he is out in the world he is taking time to adjust. He also loves to cuddle in your lap but it must be his idea. He does not really care for being picked up. But don't worry if he likes you he will be in your lap in no time flat. He also walks ok on a leash but needs training to get used to new people, environments, and strange new dogs. He has been making great strides in his foster home and is coming around. He will just need someone willing to work with a dog that needs a little extra time and training. He also takes a minute to warm up to new people so will need space and a gentle introduction when meeting new friends. He does best with a stronger more confident personality. We will not be adopting him to a home with children. If you are nervous he is too. We feel he would do best in a quiet and none active home. We feel he would be an absolute love bug in the right home. You won't find a man more dedicated. So if you are willing to work to help Willie come out of his shell his adoption fee is $450 apply today!   

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