Welcome Willie Nelson!

Willie is a two-year-old handsome fella who is looking for someone strong but patient to love. Willie has a few issues with just seeing the world as not such a scary place. We feel he may have lacked socialization as a puppy, so now that he is out in the world he is taking time to adjust. He also loves to cuddle in your lap but it must be his idea. He does not really care for being picked up. But don't worry if he likes you he will be in your lap in no time flat. He also walks ok on a leash but needs training to get used to new people, environments, and strange new dogs. He has been making great strides in his foster home and is coming around. He will just need someone willing to work with a dog that needs a little extra time and training. He also takes a minute to warm up to new people so will need space and a gentle introduction when meeting new friends. He does best with a stronger more confident personality. We will not be adopting him to a home with children. If you are nervous he is too. We feel he would do best in a quiet and none active home. We feel he would be an absolute love bug in the right home. You won't find a man more dedicated. So if you are willing to work to help Willie come out of his shell his adoption fee is $450 apply today!   

Bogus is NOT totally bogus, dude! Quite the contrary, he’s pretty rad! This guys is just 8 months old and is a total puppy! Bogus plays, plays, plays all day and we want for him to go to a home that has another dog so they can be excellent to each other-he gets along with other dogs as well as plays with toys. Bogus would be great in any kind of family so long as they have the time and patience to teach him all those good puppy manners. He is crate trained, however he has had a few accidents (pee) in his crate. He is working on becoming housebroken but Bogus is still a puppy and doesn’t always know how to go outside when needed. So being in a home with a solid daily routine and another dog to pal around with, and Bogus will be housebroken in no time! We can’t promise that he won’t chew things either…remember he’s a puppy. Bogus has been vet checked and his adoption cost is $600. It would be most outstanding if you adopt Bogus! Party on and apply today dudes!

Gracie Jane

Gracie Jane likes to go, go, go! She is always up for a walk in the neighborhood and loves meeting new people along the way. Gracie Jane also loves playing with other dogs, so a home with a buddy would be great for her, but not required. She is NOT a lover of cats or other critters though…look out squirrels! At just 3 years old, she is spunky but growing out of the puppy phase. We can’t promise that any of our dogs won’t chew things or are fully housebroken, so please practice kind and consistent training as she adjusts in her new routine with you. She does okay in her crate, and it can be a good, calm space for her while she adjusts. Gracie Jane has been vet checked and her adoption cost is $450. If you’re ready to go, go, go with lil’ Gracie Jane, apply today!

Roxy Lynn

Roxy Lynn wants to be your plus 1! She is a darling, 2 year old Boston who adores people!, and she has been good with her foster kids-they’re older kids. She has a fun personality and is always ready to roll with you-check her out on her leash! She will do great in any active home that will get her out for walks and play time. However as much as Roxy Lynn loves people, she doesn’t love other dogs or animals, so we are requiring her to go to a home where she will be the only pet. Roxy Lynn is a very good girl and does okay in her crate too. At just 2 years old, remember accidents can happen, and that kind and consistent training will help her to adjust in her new home. Roxy Lynn has been vet checked and her adoption cost is $450. If you’re the perfect home for Roxy Lynn, apply today!

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