Berta has been adopted! See those little faces in the background to the right? One of those is Gracie, a little puppy mill momma, that was also adopted from us. Thank you once again Grindstaff family!!

RowdyWelcome Rowdy!

Rowdy is an adorable 5-month-old puppy. His foster mom and his foster dad are both absolutely in love with this little guy’s personality!  He has just the perfect combination of playful and spunky, mixed with sweet and loving. He loves to play with the other Boston Terriers in his foster home, but at times when they won’t engage with him, he is able to entertain himself with dog toys. And if he gets into something he shouldn’t, as puppies do, he is easily redirected with a toy and seems content to play with the toy once he is redirected.  He is a puppy and is not fully housebroken, but he has come a long way since coming into his current foster home and having older dogs in the home that he can learn from seems to have been helpful with this.  With consistency, love and patience, he should continue to improve in this area. He loves human attention and is very affectionate with his foster parents. He will make a perfect addition to a family who has the time and patience to devote to helping him learn what is expected of him.  Rowdy’s adoption fee is $450. (Rowdy has officially been adopted by his foster! Thank you Johnson family!)

Mitchell has been adopted! Thank you Lisa!