stephaniWelcome Stephani!This sweet girl comes to us an owner surrender. She has been a breeder and has spent her entire life living in a kennel. She's a bit scared at first, but she will open up over time. She needs time, love and patience. She wants to be with people, she's just unsure. She's fully crate trained, but we are working on housebreaking. It's quite the challenge at 8 years old when she hasn't had any training at all. She's also learning how to walk on a leash. She starting to trust people more and more. She gets along with other dogs, although she doesn't socialize with them. Breeders usually don't know how to play. She's a tiny girl and will make someone the best little girl when she finally opens up to fully trust people. Stephani's fee is $200. Apply Today!

Twinkle Meet Twinkle!

We were contacted about this little gal by a shelter. She was found locked up in a tiny crate and her owners had not been caring for her. Animal Contol took possession of her immediately. She was SEVERELY emaciated and dehydrated. Best guess is that she was locked up in that tiny jail cell for 2 weeks or more and it is unclear how long she had been without water. Worse yet, her joints seem to be not properly formed. We can only presume that she spent most of her life in that crate. Her knees are locked, her carpal joints are broken down and her toes are splayed from overgrown nails. She has NO muscle tone at all, sores all over her from laying down so much, and she is yellow from her chin down from laying in her own excrements. At her vet appointment, he put in writing that, in his estimations, she hasn't had proper nutrition for at least 1-2 months. She weighs 9.5 lbs and is 1 1/2 years old. Her vet records show that at 4 months old, she weighed 10.4 lbs. She has the teeth of an 8 year old dog due to lack of nutrition. She also a broken canine and other teeth from chewing on her prison bars trying to make her escape. We can't disclose a lot of location information because charges are being pressed. We hope and pray that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!! The animal control officers are mortified by this and are calling it one of the worst cases of neglect that they have seen.

We have named her Twinkle, because we are determined to put the twinkle back in her eye again! Despite what humans have done to her, she is still trusting of humans and craves love. She is having a blast exploring her new surroundings outside of the prison that she was in.
Adoption Fee:$400 (Remember Miss Twinkle? She came in and had been locked in a crate. She was almost starved to death and joint problems from growing up in a crate. She's been adopted and is going to be one spoiled pup for the rest of her life! Thank you McCoy family!)

Dudley2**On medical hold**

Meet Dudley!

Little Dudley came to us from a kill shelter where he served his stray hold. He's about 6 years old and has seen some neglect in his life. He has an old injury to his shoulder which probably has nerve damage that is causing him some pain. Both of his eyes looks as if they have some serious issues. He will see the ophthalmologist and start acupuncture for his shoulder. He's good with other dogs and good in a crate. He's not very active and playful right now because he's hurting, but we will see what we can do to help him. We will accept applications on him, but he won't be available until he's off medical hold. (Dudley has been adopted! Thank you Fultz family!)