Welcome Oscar!

Oscar is 6-7 years old and we believe him to be a Boston/pug mix. He was pulled from a kill shelter where he served his stray hold. This dog is the BEST dog! He gets along well with other dogs, been wonderful in the crate and although we don’t promise any of our dogs to be housebroke, he’s done well in his foster home about going outside to potty. He’s a happy pup, who loves to sit and cuddle. He loves to sleep at night in the big bed with his humans too. He had a flea dermatitis coming out of the shelter, but now that the fleas are gone, the hair is growing back. Because he has this flea allergy, he will need to be kept on flea preventative at all times. Oscar came with a horrible cough and it was apparent that it wasn’t kennel cough. The vet noticed that he had a “noisy trachea” along with this cough, so he will be on medical hold until we get his trachea issues straightened out. (Oscar has been adopted! Thank you Babs!)

HartleyWelcome Hartley!

Hartley is 3 years old and a former breeder. He’s very well socialized for a breeder though! Those days are behind him and he’s happy to get a wonderful, new family who will love him forever. He gets along with other dogs and loves to play, so we feel he should go to a home with another dog. He can be a little shy and submissive at first, but once he settles in, he’s so happy to see his family at the end of the day. He’s a smaller guy too. Because he was a breeder, please expect to do some training with him. He needs a little socialization with going to new places, to be housebroke, etc. He’s really smart and eager to learn though! Hartley’s adoption fee is $350. You can’t go wrong with this adorable, little guy! (Hartley has been adopted! Thank you Keener Family!)

PuddinWelcome Puddin!

Hi, everyone! My name is Puddin. At least that what my foster mom has been calling me, because she says I’m sweet like puddin. I’m a 3-4 year old Boston Terrier. I like to be close to my foster mom and will lay quietly beside her or walk with her around the house. I am great in my crate and am content to sleep in it while she’s gone. It took me a while to come out of my shell because my people before weren’t very nice to me, but now I’m a lot happier and am excited to see her when she comes home. I am trying to adjust to her other dog, but I don’t like it when he gets close to me sometimes...especially if I’m lying next to her or am in my crate with a chew bone. So, I think I would be happiest with people that only have me to love on and play with. Other dogs kind of stress me out. I will go outside and do my business if the door is open, but don’t really know yet how to tell my foster mom that I need to go out if the door is closed. I’m working on it, though! My FM tells me all the time that I am A VERY GOOD GIRL and that I’m SUPER CUTE. I have a very quiet little snore when I sleep, so I will never keep you awake with loud snores. I have a silly face because my tongue is almost always outside my mouth. I like those Yak cheese chew bone things. I will bring you the bone just to show it to you, then go to my crate to chew on it. My FM says I’m also a SILLY GIRL. She says someone VERY LUCKY and VERY SPECIAL will adopt me and make me the happiest pup in the world. I sure hope she’s right, because I have a LOT of love to give someone! My adoption fee is $350. I sure would love to have a new family to love soon! (Puddin has been adopted! Thank you Schmitz Family!)