Candycorn1Candy Corn

*on hold for heartworm treatment, but taking applications

Miss Candy Corn is a 6 year old sweetie-who LOVES humans, but is very dominant with other dogs. A home where she will be the only dog is a MUST! Perhaps a home where someone works from home as she really wants to be with you-either in the same room or hanging out on the couch with you. She is great in her crate, though sometimes slow to go into it on command, she is totally content laying in there with the door open. Candy Corn’s foster also says that CC is good on walks. She will try to take off to greet other humans (again, she loves people) but she may try to fight with another dog if with them. CC is also riled up if a dog near her shows any sign of aggression. This could change with socialization but CC MUST be on a leash if you’re out and about. At home, she is wonderful-she hasn’t chewed things, but does enjoy chewing her dental treats. Candy Corn is a snack sneaker…meaning she will try to get on a table to get food if left out and unattended. She hasn’t shown interest in dog toys-but may just need more practice playing (during foster care her heart rate has to be kept down due to heartworms). CC is good using the bathroom outside, she doesn’t signal she needs to go, she is just taken out periodically. CC MUST be watched when outside and not let out alone as she tries to sneak out of the fence. Sweet lil’ Candy Corn has a few things on her “must list” but if those are all checked, she will thrive in the right home! She has been vet checked and her adoption cost is $350, apply today!

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