Bogus is NOT totally bogus, dude! Quite the contrary, he’s pretty rad! This guys is just 8 months old and is a total puppy! Bogus plays, plays, plays all day and we want for him to go to a home that has another dog so they can be excellent to each other-he gets along with other dogs as well as plays with toys. Bogus would be great in any kind of family so long as they have the time and patience to teach him all those good puppy manners. He is crate trained, however he has had a few accidents (pee) in his crate. He is working on becoming housebroken but Bogus is still a puppy and doesn’t always know how to go outside when needed. So being in a home with a solid daily routine and another dog to pal around with, and Bogus will be housebroken in no time! We can’t promise that he won’t chew things either…remember he’s a puppy. Bogus has been vet checked and his adoption cost is $600. It would be most outstanding if you adopt Bogus! Party on and apply today dudes!

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